Sunday, March 27, 2011

"To Dye for Botanical Eggs"

  I have always loved to do colored eggs each year with my kids.  This year I wanted  my Easter eggs be a little more special and unique!  Something that would say Easter and Spring all wrapped in one.  I came across an article in a magazine titled "To Dye for Botanical Eggs".  Just what I was looking for!
You will need the following supplies:  Flowers, boiled eggs, panty hose, twist ties, vinegar, water, food coloring, bowls for your dye, and plenty of paper towels.  When choosing flowers pick ones that have a round center and distinct petals.  I experimented with others and they didn't work well at all.
First, cut your panty hose in 4" squares and prepare your dye colors....don't forget to add a little vinegar to the dye.
Next, place your flower or leaf face down on the boiled egg.  Also, if you don't get the flower or leaf on the egg firmly then to much dye will seep under.  I had many failed attempts before I got what I wanted!  Wrap the panty hose tightly around the egg and secure with twist tie. Place egg in the dye until you have the color you want....the longer you wait...the deeper and richer the color looks!
Unwrap your egg and you have a beautiful  botanical flower print!!  
I think this is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!
I can't wait to make these again!!
P.S. You can make your own earthy tone dyes by boiling purple cabbage, yellow onion peels, cranberries, blueberries, etc.  


donna said...

Love these eggs. One grandchild old enough to try this
with this year.

Michelle said...

Oh my...LOVE!!!

I'm ever so glad your Ma Shared your blog with us! I'll be sharing this post via Facebook too!

Kim said...

these eggs are darling! will have to try them soon. :)

Judy Aster said...

This is fabulous and something I think I'll try my hand at doing....It's so different!! Great idea...I love it! Love your blog too :) .. Judy

NHeimberg said...

Do you think you could do them with blown eggs and somehow seal the coloring on the eggs so they wouldnt have to be thrown away? They are so beautiful.
Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

WOW! these are amazing! i saw them on joy's blog and had to come over and read the instructions!

Paint by Josie said...

Thanks guys!!

Anonymous said...

This can be done with blown eggs and a very light spray of hairspray to seal the design.