Thursday, June 23, 2011

Metallic Wallpaper!!

I started removing wallpaper from my bathroom a little bit at a time so I wouldn't feel rushed. I had told my kids that they could also remove small sections when they go in to "use" the bathroom.. You know...just to help out. Well, later that day the kids told me to look in the bathroom. I started to get a lil nervous...yep... it was completely stripped down! All of the wallpaper was piled high in the floor. Great! You should have seen my face! The kids thought it was funny...I didn't because all they removed was the top layer. I wish I would have remembered to take a picture. Anyway, now I have to scrap the bottom layer of wallpaper off..NOT Fun!
 I also now remember why I put wallpaper up to begin with. The bathroom originally had wallpaper that was stuck on with some heavy duty duty glue and would not come off in certain areas. 
So, instead of faux painting like I planned...its gonna be WALLPAPER ... again!

I came across this metallic wallpaper that you can get from Home Depot and I love it! It has a very chic feel to it. A little bit of modern and traditional mixed! Perfect! I was watching Divine Design by Candice Olson and she actually used a similar patterned metallic wallpaper in a kitchen make over. Absolutely stunning! It gives just the right touch for a small area or accent wall.

This is the kitchen Candace Olson remodeled. It belongs to Stylist David Clemmer. Notice the metallic wallpaper she used in the work station.  I also love how she balanced out the light colors with the dark island and dark accents! All I can say is "WOW"!

This is from York's Wallcoverings.

I also love Damask and Toile patterned wallpaper....

Do you have any wallpaper ideas? I'd love to see them!



Suite Bliss Design said...

i just love that kitchen Candice Olsen did! p.s. visit my blog and you can see the painted metallic wallpaper I just did! For being hand painted i think it turned out awesome!

Paint by Josie said...

Thank you Suite Bliss for commenting. Something is wrong with my computer right now. It is only letting me view certain sites. When it is fixed I'll visit your site. I'm sure your wallpaper is beautiful. That is what I had intended on doing in my bathroom until the walls got messed up. LOL

Anonymous said...

Was this wallpaper in-stock in the store? I love it but online it shows all wallpaper is online only.

Paint by Josie said...

I only found it online...seems like most stores carry very little wallpaper. :(