Saturday, October 29, 2011

Vintage ~ Vintage ~ Vintage!!!!!!

I love anything vintage! It is gives me goose bumps to go into an antique shop and just browse. To find treasures that speak of a different era fascinates me to know end! One little trinket can have a life time of stories attached to it. Whether it be about an individual person or about what was popular / trendy at the time, I love a good story! ....and if it is a mystery that makes it even better! 
Doesn't she look chic?!
I count myself lucky when I find an old post card with a message written inside! I love, love, love to study the handwriting and think about the person who may have written it!

Of course, the illustrations on the front are what get my attention first! It's neat to see how commercial art has changed over the years! Everything from the style of drawing down to the colors can give clues to the decade in which they originated. 
Here are a few vintage post cards that I found on-line!

Happy Halloween!


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