Saturday, May 14, 2011

"C" is for Cutler...

If you love shabby chic design and are looking for an easy craft, you've come to the right place.  Almost every craft store that I've been in recently has wooden alphabet letters and they are very trendy right now.  Several weeks ago  months ago (time flies doesn't it?) I bought a white letter "C" with the intent to paint it.  The more I looked at it, the more I wanted something with a little more texture than what paint can give.  Taking inspiration from other "crafters", I came up with a moss covered "C". 

Here is the plain white letter "C".  BORING!
I hot glued 2 layers of reindeer moss on the  front and sides.

Finished...but WOW, I really need to clean my mirror! LOL!

I still need to work on the whole table scape, but this gives me a good start. It has also inspired me to make a front door wreath which I will post with the painted front door project. I just need to finish taking the pictures.  I can't wait to share more with you!

P.S  Roses are one of my favorite flowers! I bought these at Kroger for less than $5.00. They were on clearance.
Also, Hobby Lobby has their alphabet letters 50% off right now.  The cashier said that Monday (5/16) they are putting a bunch of new items on clearance too.  Yeah! 

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