Friday, May 27, 2011

Read, Read , Read

    With just a few days of school left, summer vacation is just around the corner!
 Time for fun in the SUN!
     As a child, I remember summers filled with corn-on-the-cobb & watermelon (yum), bare feet, waterhose wars, and chasing lightening bugs at night. I also remember lazy days of reading a good book. I can read a good book for hours! Even stay up half the night just to find out what happens in the end. In my opinion reading is one of the best hobbies a person can have, besides painting of course! LOL!. It lets you escape to another world and for a moment you step into the shoes of someone that you might otherwise never get to meet. Reading gives you insight into their world, place, or time!
 For children reading helps increase their vocabulary, comprehension and attention span (just to name a few). It makes learning all the other subjects much easier. Plus, it broadens their imagination and sets the stage for being a life long reader and learner.
So, as a teacher, I say read, read, read!

Children need to see and hear you read.  This is a picture of me with
Bryson and Anna. Every night we would read a stack of books. I know this picture is awful. I think it was taken about 10 yrs. ago!  I was in desperate need of highlights, but who has time or money for that when you have 3 little kids!

Curious George was always a favorite.  Bryson always wanted to collected all the  books in a series.  Other favs were Nate the Great, Tree House Mysteries, Dr. Suess, I spy, and so many more.

Bryson still collects books! Look at all the books!!!

Since I love art I want to share my favorite children's book illustrator with you.  His name is Jim Lamarche and his artwork is wonderful. Check out some of these books!


Of course, before I bid you good night, I need to post a mural.  
This is a mural of a book cover for Peter Rabbit.

Books can be great inspiration for murals.

Happy reading and painting!

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