Friday, July 29, 2011

Under painting ~ Chloe ~ oil on canvas

Last night I started a new oil painting.  I had a request on another post to do a ballet I'm going to give it a try. I haven't forgot the deer in a field Paul if your out there in blog's next on the list. My list actually keeps growing. That's a good thing though. I can always use help with ideas. My inspiration for this ballet painting is a snapshot of my precious niece Chloe! She is 3 years old and was recently in her first ballet recital. Yeaaaa... Chloe!

This first thing I did was sketch a basic contour drawing on my canvas.

After that I used burnt sienna mixed with white to start an under painting.  By doing an under painting, also known as grisaille, I can focus on working out the values before I have to worry about adding the color. This technique will also give the final painting more depth.  Grisaille is a term used for painting monochromatic, usually in shades of gray. Mine is done in shades of brown so technically it is called en brunaille. 

I gradually added shading to help define the form and shape. 
My paint is mixed with a lot of medium so that it goes on "light". 
This also allows me to make corrections as I go.

As I'm painting I realize I need to correct the position of the fingers on Chloe's hand.

In the photo of Chloe she actually has her mouth opened. 
I opted to change that for my painting. 

It's looking better by the minute!

I still have work to do on the under painting... I guess I need to get at it!
Once that is done I can start adding color and detail!

I hope you enjoyed this preview....stop back soon!


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