Saturday, March 24, 2012

Another DYI Book Page Wreath!

I was looking through some old craft photos and found a picture of another version of a book page wreath that I made. It is actually the one that I used in a give away last year. I completely forgot to post it! This one is made the same way except I rolled the pages into cone shapes instead.  Still super easy though. You can get so many different looks just by the way you fold your paper. I've actually made 3 of these because they are that easy and super cute!.

Click here to see the first one one I made.

Supplies: styrofoam wreath form (any size), stick pins, old book, 2-3 spools of ribbon.
First, wrap your wreath with ribbon and secure with stick pins. Be sure to overlap the ribbon slightly as you wrap it.
Carefully tear or cut out your pages from your book. 
For a large wreath you need about 200 pages for it to be full.
Decide how you want to fold your paper.
 For example you might bunch it, roll it, or trifold it. Experiment a little first.
Starting with the outer edge, pin each page with one or two stick pins. 
Overlap each row that you pin and before you know it you have your very own book page wreath!



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