Wednesday, December 25, 2013

More Book Page Wreathes

My sisters and I got together over Thanksgiving break and made 
Christmas book page wreathes! We had a wonderful time eating, visiting, 
and crafting.The inspiration for these wreathes came from the link below.

Christmas Decorating Christmas Wreath Old Book Pages

It takes about 4-5 hours to make one book page wreath, 
but I think it is time well spent!
We also ate pesto pizza and wedge salads. 
Yummy! Dunmore enjoyed the crust! I got a photo
 of the salad, but forgot the pizza. Darn!
For this wreath, we made lots and lots of cones 
from the pages of old books. We also did lots of
 measuring, stapling, gluing, and laughing! In the 
photo above you can see our cones. My sister's 
book was quite a bit older than mine, so her pages 
are a lot darker. Her cones were also a lot more
 fragile. Keep that in mind if you end up trying
 to make one of these. Anyway, I love both looks. 
Book page wreathes bring a certain character
 to your home that other wreathes don't have.
 Plus you are up-cycling something old.
In the background you can see the one that I 
made several years ago. It still looks great! 
AND would you look at how cute Lord Dunmore is! 
I sure do love that dog!
Happy crafting dear friends! 


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