Sunday, December 29, 2013

Making it my own...

   Ah, the smell of an old book. I just can't get enough of book page wreathes! They make a space or door pop with personality and you're up-cycling to boot!
    I made 2 book page wreathes this Christmas that were given as gifts. As I neared their completion, I felt this urge to make them truly unique.  It seemed that center needed something special, so I sketched a small bird on a branch. After I did that, I scanned my sketch into the computer and viola! I now had an image that I could use to add that special touch to my book page wreathes. 
   These wreathes turned out fabulous! Just look for yourself....

If you love this wreath and want to have a fabulous looking front door, 
you can purchase this wreath in my online ESTY shop! 


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