Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Knights in Camelot

    The summer is half over and the official start of band season is right around the corner. July 25-29 to be exact! The fam and I are getting excited! Actually, it is kinda bitter sweet because Bryson (my sax player) is an upcoming senior! That's a Yea and a Boo at the same time! Where in the world has the time gone! Didn't I just walk him to kindergarten? Wasn't it yesterday that he was wanting just one more bedtime story!? His little boy voice is still etched in my mind...mommy come get me, I'm awake now or can I have some more "panna cakes" mommy. Okay...why do I do this to myself? Why do I end up teary eyed when I remember my kids being little? Those are good memories! Not sad ones! Your kids are supposed to get bigger! So enough of the whining. On to positive things!

     As an upcoming senior, I'm sure that this season is going to hold many great memories for Bryson. I also know that he is going to do an awesome job of playing the saxophone! He has spent the last couple of months or so listening to the music that they will be playing this year. As a matter of fact I hear him upstairs practicing right now! It sounds so beautiful! God has truly blessed Bryson with many talents....playing the sax is just one! 

     Every year I've helped with the props for the band competitions. Lots of hard work go into making and painting props! Parents spend countless hours making sure that every detail is just right. It is always exciting to see the end result.

Last years theme was
 Knights in Camelot. 
Below are pictures of what we did.

This piece was cut from plywood. I painted it to look 3-dimensional. The top of it doesn't really stick out. The window and banner were cut from separate pieces and then mounted on. Several band dads did all of the construction. They all did a fab job!! This prop was placed in front of the drum major's stand.

This castle ended up being huge! It has an actual working draw bridge! Way to go band dads!

 The walls were made from thick pieces of styro-foam and we covered them with a thin coat of concrete. While the concrete was wet I drew a stone pattern with a paint brush. Once dried I faux finished it to look like stone.

Workin 9 to 5 ...actually all day Saturdays and most evenings after work.
That's called dedication to your kids and their band!

 Easy does it!

Back view!

My hubby checkin things out!

Don't lose your pants!! It wouldn't make a very pretty picture! Lol!

The final look of the castle had windows ( like the one on the drum majors prop) 
and flags on top of the turrets.

My cutie pie!

On the field!!!
The drum majors made their grande entrance through the castle! 

Many thanks to all the dads/moms that worked on props!

I can't wait to get started on this years props!
I wonder what we'll do?


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