Sunday, December 25, 2011

Fabric Wreathes

A gal that I teach with made some cute fabric wreathes for her family this Christmas. I thought they were super cute! So I headed to Micheal's craft store the next day which also happened to be CHRISTMAS EVE to gather my supplies!!  That's what I call "cuttin" it close!

styrofoam wreath form 
stick pins
3 - 4 rolls of ribbon depending on the size wreath you buy
glue sticks/hot glue gun/Elmer's glue

Step 1:  Secure your ribbon to the wreath with 3 stick pins. 
Wrap your wreath with ribbon. As you wrap it carefully overlap
 edges just a bit. Secure the end with 3 more stick pins. 
I always fold the ends under before I  pin it because I feel
 like it makes it look neater. Continue this process until the 
whole wreath is covered with the ribbon.

I used an 18 inch wreath.

Step 2: Next use stick pins to secure felt  flowers. 

Follow this link to learn how to make felt flowers and cute yarn wreathes!

Step 3: Hang up your wreath and enjoy its beauty!!
(or give it as a gift!! Wink! Wink!)

My wreath for my Momma!!!

My wreath for my Momma in-law!!