Monday, April 21, 2014

Photography Art Class

This school semester I have been taking an art class that incorporates photography. It has proved to be a fun little class. The thing that is even better is that it is hosted through our local board office and led by a couple of our county art teachers. AND since I am a county teacher, I can take the class...PLUS it is free!!!! Yeah!! 
I have loved going to this class! It has been just the thing that I've needed to
and  have a little me time to enjoy something that I like.
Below you will see one of the projects that I've completed so far. It was a photo transfer project. The photo was printed on glossy photo paper and then transferred onto a surface that had aluminum foil pasted to it. You can transfer an image onto just about any surface though. The next one that I'm going to do is going to be on canvas. Anyway, after you print your picture, cover the image with Mod Podge and adhere it face down to your surface. Once it has been aloud to sit for about 10 minutes, spray the back with water and start rubbing. Eventually the paper will start to come off and the image will be left. 
BEWARE: Mine didn't work that great at first! We were given the glossy photo paper which has a plastic had to be carefully peeled away and then we still had trouble.
Instead you should use regular copy paper or possibly matte photo paper. I rubbed for literally hours before the paper on my photo finally came off the back. Even worse was that my image didn't really show up. So, I ended up using my imagination and water color to bring the picture back to life. I could only see see a hint of the circles that the ends of the pipes and a few lines they indicted shadows. I think I did pretty good with the water colors. What do you think?

 I will post more art class projects as they are completed!
Happy Creating Fellow Bloggers!

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